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biological / биологический
имя прилагательное
biological, biologic
имя прилагательное
of or relating to biology or living organisms.
IBM has unveiled an ambitious initiative to develop technologies that share the basic biological abilities of living organisms.
имя существительное
a therapeutic substance, such as a vaccine or drug, derived from biological sources.
an international biotechnology company with interests in biologicals, agriculture, and pharmaceutical products
Parenting is separated from sexuality in a way that it is not for heterosexual parents with biological children.
It is, in fact, their infectious nature which makes them useful as vectors to introduce alien genes into biological organisms.
Instead, they've argued, companies are more like biological organisms - living things that learn, evolve, and eventually die.
Mark Isaak has an interesting site entitled Curiosities of Biological Nomenclature that explains how biological organisms are named.
Scientists are to carry out the first British experiments on human embryos that would create a baby with three biological parents - two mothers and a father.
Ozone absorbs much of the high energy ultraviolet radiation from the sun that is harmful to biological organisms.
Both are important research organisms in biological laboratories.
He had always been her parent, even more so than her own biological mother and father.
Use biological washing powder to clean your roasting tins: sprinkle in a cup of powder, add warm water and leave to soak for an hour
And the mother and father, the biological parents of this baby were in the wind but the grandparents lived in New Jersey.