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biologic / биологический
имя прилагательное
biological, biologic
имя прилагательное
relating to biology; biological.
there is growing interest in the biologic activities of plant extracts in the treatment of disease
Yet there are significant obstacles on the path to generic biologic drugs, beginning with the very definition of "generic."
Relatively lower cortisol levels following trauma may constitute a biologic risk factor for PTSD.
A relatively new approach associated with biotech therapeutics uses in vitro diagnostic assays to predict if a drug or biologic product would be effective in treating a particular patient.
The development of innovative, specific and markedly more efficacious treatments for AD + P will likely require understanding of its specific biologic processes.
The museum itself is a repository of geologic, geographic, and biologic detail on the park.
People who smoke are influenced by multiple interconnected factors, including behavioral, social, environmental, psychological, genetic, and biologic factors.
Although biologic and medication factors are largely causative, they clearly facilitate the development of decreased self-esteem and depression.
It is an inherited biologic illness that occurs throughout all stages of life.