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biography / биография, жизнеописание
имя существительное
biography, life, vita
biography, life
имя существительное
an account of someone's life written by someone else.
Hey, there are people writing novels and biographies using pictures as well as words.
Yet men dominate in this field also, even in fiction, poetry, literary biography .
It is not easy to write a biography about a person who is known to be reticent and the problem gets compounded when the attempt is not authorised.
Priced at six pence, they were colour coded: orange for fiction, green for crime, blue for biography .
As a work of literary biography and analysis American Sympathy is compelling.
Lee said it wasn't his decision to sack Bell and if anything is written otherwise in the biography , which is due out in the autumn, he will take legal action.
If there is a slippage between fiction and biography in this text then how does this apply to the image?
Who has ever said such connections are not the stuff of literary biography ?
Greenblatt instead wants to write, and most consumers of literary biography want to read, a story extraordinary and uplifting.
Some knowledge of Shapiro's biography is open to any reader in the dedication.
I can't help but feel that if you could write a biography of Pepys with only side references to the diary it'd work a lot better.