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biographical / биографический
имя прилагательное
biographical, biographic
Mr Meehan latest book completes his biographical work on Parliamentarians in Laois and Offaly since 1585.
Such questions lie at the heart of all biographical work, but are seldom explicitly acknowledged, or deeply explored.
It's so funny about the people it deals with and at the same time so thoughtful in its consideration of the whole biographical enterprise.
Instead it is some personality traits rather than biographical detail Brydon and Keith have in common.
He gives as full an account as possible of the actions for which the recipient got the VC and also gives as many biographical details as are available.
The catalogue, filled with biographical detail, reads more like an article for Tatler.
The lack of good biographical works on our non-Labor politicians is a minor scandal, so this is an event worth noting.
There is a wealth of marvellous biographical detail here, with the leading players lit up in the full glare of the garish footlights.
Even if they pass it down, use of their name and biographical details ensures respectful treatment from their subordinates.
In cinema there's also a legal pressure towards biographical projects.