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biofuel / биотопливе
biological fuel
имя существительное
a fuel derived directly from living matter.
In New Zealand, vehicle emissions contribute more than 16 percent of our total greenhouse gas emissions, so replacing even a few percent of fossil fuels with biofuels would help our emission levels.
The decision came as demands increase for the development of biofuels because of soaring fuel prices and the threat facing the country's sugar beet industry.
The interest in biofuels to replace fossil fuels has led to the suggestion that GM herbicide-tolerant oilseed rape and sugar beet could both be used improve production efficiency.
Soot is a product of incomplete combustion, especially of diesel fuels, biofuels , coal and outdoor biomass burning.
An EU Commission action plan on alternative fuels for transport identifies biofuels as the most realistic substitute for conventional petrol and diesel in the short term.
But can biofuels really replace petroleum products?
The Prime Minister's called oil company chiefs and fuel retailers to a meeting next week to discuss the outlook for petrol prices and boost the consumption and production of biofuels such as ethanol.
But for biofuels to play a key role in a new carbon-free energy future, policy makers - both in the North and South - must ensure that biofuels are produced in an environmentally and socially friendly way.
‘Biomass can also include biofuels , gaseous fuels for engines and turbine applications,’ says Evald.
Issues like the introduction and use of biofuels in our national fuel mix become far more relevant in terms of keeping the pressure off the prices a little bit.
This is one of the reasons why I believe, in common with legislators in most other Western countries, that we need to be determinedly looking at alternative fuels, both extenders and new fuels and that includes biofuels .