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biodiversity / биоразнообразия
имя существительное
the variety of life in the world or in a particular habitat or ecosystem.
To discover the patterns of biodiversity, information on biodiversity has to be collected.
So they would have to buy the right to develop by conserving or restoring areas for biodiversity in other places.
After only six months, crop production, biodiversity , soil fertility and soil quality all improved.
A symposium on plant biology and biodiversity in changing environment was also organised.
The event has been organised to raise funds to improve the wildlife habitat and biodiversity of the River Lune.
Their reports help shape the legislation that help preserve biodiversity .
To detect changes in biodiversity there has to be a way to measure it.
And lots of times the areas are of a great deal of significance for biodiversity .
And what was the impact in each case on biodiversity and wildlife in the fields.
So how significant are cloud forests in terms of biodiversity .
Valuing a loss of biodiversity is more difficult because markets for its preservation are either missing or incomplete.