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biochemical / биохимический
имя прилагательное
The problem remains to determine whether other decisive astronomical factors in planet formation are functionally linked to the surface conditions needed for biochemical processes.
The body is about 70 per cent water, and this most basic of fluids participates in all the major physiological and biochemical processes in the body.
Inorganic nitrogen assimilation, in the form of ammonium, onto carbon skeletons for the production of amino acids is one of the most important biochemical processes in plants.
Together, these two processes constitute metabolism, the sum of the biochemical processes in an organism.
Salt tolerance of plants is a complex phenomenon that involves morphological and developmental as well as physiological and biochemical processes.
The experiment also showed that two molecules could prevent the activation of a chemical which was vital to a biochemical process called proteolytic processing.
It is metabolised by the skin cells' normal biochemical pathways within 48 hours and so does not lead to prolonged photosensitisation.
Waste in landfills decays in physical, chemical, and biochemical processes that may eventually render it environmentally harmless.
Proteins are involved in every biochemical process that maintains life in a living organism.
Further elucidation of the biochemical processes in these animal models of myopia may have implications for treating myopia in humans.