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binding / обязательный, обязывающий, связующий
имя прилагательное
mandatory, obligatory, compulsory, binding, bound, required
binding, obligatory, imperative
binding, connecting, cohesive, connective, copulative, internuncial
binding, cementing
astringent, binding, styptic
имя существительное
binding, cover
relations, bonds, binding, communication, connection, bond
bracing, binding, lining, timbering, shore, fortification
skin, covering, sheathing, casing, shell, binding
splice, coalescence, binding, concretion
имя прилагательное
(of an agreement or promise) involving an obligation that cannot be broken.
business agreements are intended to be legally binding
имя существительное
a strong covering holding the pages of a book together.
A beautiful book with perfect bindings and 5 star ratings?
a mechanical device fixed to a ski to grip a ski boot, especially either of a pair used for downhill skiing that hold the toe and heel of the boot and release it automatically in a fall.
The recipe is simple but tasty: add an ice skating blade with a clip-in ski binding to a skate-ski boot.
the action of fastening, holding together, or being linked by chemical bonds.
the binding of antibodies to cell surfaces
tie or fasten (something) tightly.
floating bundles of logs bound together with ropes
cohere or cause to cohere in a single mass.
mix the flour with the coconut and enough egg white to bind them
cause (people) to feel united.
the comradeship that had bound such a disparate bunch of young men together
impose a legal or contractual obligation on.
a party who signs a document will normally be bound by its terms
fix together and enclose (the pages of a book) in a cover.
a small, fat volume, bound in red morocco
It is easy to design a binding theory that predicts non-complementary distribution in specific circumstances.
The technique gives results similar to other techniques used to study binding of peptide to membrane.
According to specialists in labor law, a signed contract is a binding agreement.
The Justice and Electoral Committee said that we should have such an inquiry, but the committee is unable to make binding promises for the next term of Parliament.
Essential requirements: a strong binding , and a size small enough so I can carry the sketchbook everywhere I go without being conscious of it till I need it.
She carelessly lifted the ‘Destination Guide’ book and tossed it across the room, half the pages torn from the binding .
Formation of these structures involves binding of a third DNA strand into the major groove of a DNA double helix.
The first engagement is adapted to mate with the second engagement member to engage the snowboard boot to the binding .
Chemical binding may be required for certain burns.
this decision is binding on all parties