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binder / связующее вещество, вяжущее вещество, переплетчик
имя существительное
связующее вещество
binder, vehicle
вяжущее вещество
binder, cement, matrix
bookbinder, binder
имя существительное
a thing or person that binds something, in particular.
An elastic bandage or binder also may be placed across the upper abdomen for patient comfort.
The binder material consists of organic polymers of various types, and must also include additives to reduce sedimentation and clumping.
I neatly placed the papers in my binder , only to have them crinkled when Evan dumped two science books on my desk.
A clear plastic used as a binder in paint and as a casting material in sculpture.
Also you could cover a three-ring binder with it and turn it into a writing notebook (or, as I have with my Ani DiFranco signature, a CD carrier).
I grabbed a sheet of paper from my binder and ripped off a small part.
Four thousand years ago, ancient Egyptians made glue by boiling animal hides and used the substance as a binder in paint and for woodworking.
‘Don't tell me what to do,’ he demanded, as he pulled out a sheet of paper form his binder .
Upon landing in Europe, Greer said, he found a binder to assemble the book.
On the holiday itself, lovers will also have a chance to step back in time to a place where love was as simple as pulling your classmate's pigtails and drawing hearts on the cover of a loose-leaf binder .
With the help of a temporary plastic binder substance, the materials are easy to form, cut, and merge into complex shapes.