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bin / бункер, мусорное ведро, ящик
имя существительное
hopper, bunker, bin, pocket, batcher, hutch
мусорное ведро
box, case, bin, kit, chest, locker
chest, bin, pocket, crib
bin, hutch, crib
хранить в закромах
store, keep, guard, preserve, retain, bin
имя существительное
a receptacle for storing a specified substance.
a vegetable bin
place (something) in a bin.
If binning the soybeans, start at 16% moisture and aerate to dry down to an average of 13%. Aeration is required anyway for temperature control of stored grain.
The range of each bin varied such that each one contained 1/9 of the positions.
It's time to bin the manifestos and start again.
Just think if you recycled all of these materials you won't need to stand on your wheeled bin to squeeze that last bit of space out of it and you might get your lid the whole way down!
There have also been problems with the brown bin or composting bin service, with a handful of households contaminating it with dead animals and non-recyclable waste.
So I laid some permeable membrane down to stop the weeds from growing upwards and emptied the contents of the big compost bin into the smaller compost bin .
York Rotters, a band of council-trained volunteers, showed festival visitors how they can reduce household waste by up to a third by purchasing a discounted compost bin .
Each bin can store one type of otherwise homeless stuff.
To do this, each distribution was binned and compared to a reference distribution given by the average value in each bin .
Plotted is the maximum bin length value averaged over 50 simulated populations.
So it must have been gremlins that filled my rubbish bin with pieces of torn cardboard and disposable coffee cups.