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bimonthly / раз в два месяца, два раза в месяц
раз в два месяца
два раза в месяц
имя существительное
magazine, log, journal, periodical, book, bimonthly
имя прилагательное
выходящий раз в два месяца
bimonthly, bimestrial
выходящий два раза в месяц
bimonthly, bimestrial, semimonthly
имя прилагательное
occurring or produced twice a month or every two months.
a bimonthly newsletter
имя существительное
a periodical produced twice a month or every two months.
In order to overcome this difficult period, we have decided to change BOWLING DIGEST'S frequency from a bimonthly to a quarterly.
twice a month or every two months.
the magazine appears bimonthly
It was published bimonthly for nine issues, then monthly from April 1954, by which time it was selling, according to one account, 750,000 copies - more than half-again as many as EC's top horror titles.
Quest Magazine (not to be confused with the bimonthly about living with neuromuscular disease) features in its April issue The Quest 400, their annual list of Manhattan's social elite.
He said that any additional costs would have to be looked at by the steering committee and bimonthly reports would be brought before the finance committee.
Starting with this volume, the journal will be published bimonthly .
Chairman of the Police Community Consultative Committee, he meets with residents bimonthly at the police station and says everyone agrees more police would help.
Wine Adventure, to be published bimonthly , focuses on the ‘softer’ side of wine, with a lively mix of articles that will enhance readers' knowledge and enjoyment of wine, without taking the subject too seriously.
Membership meetings are held monthly, or bimonthly , or quarterly.
It was sponsored by the Chris Craft and Century boat clubs, the Gar Wood Society and Classic Boating magazine, a stunning bimonthly published by the Wangard family of Oconomowoc, WI.
Ten plants were collected from both a turlough basin population and a damp ruderal population bimonthly for a year.
Between seeing patients full-time, writing the Placebo Journal bimonthly , and producing the Placebo Gazette every other week I am always on the go.