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bimbo / пустышка, тип
имя существительное
soother, bimbo, comforter, giglet
type, style, kind, class, nature, bimbo
имя существительное
an attractive but empty-headed young woman, especially one perceived as a willing sex object.
I responded with something along the lines of; ‘Maybe girls in America are expected to look like bimbos at a young age, but not in England, thank you very much!’
She is incredibly attractive but she's not a bimbo , and that's what makes her so special.
It was wall-to-wall bimbos and their aspiring bimbos .
Inspired by the alarming numbers of mindless bimbos at my school who have begun wearing yellow ribbons in support of Schapelle ‘I didn't do it!’
Contrary to what many believe, student-athletes on the football team are not the bunch of muscle-bound, barbaric bimbos that we are so often perceived to be.
Some of the characters, such as spoilt Premiership stars, shifty agents and publicity-mad bimbos , are instantly identifiable with true-life equivalents and not altogether far-fetched.
The aging girls were ditched in the eighties, but the legacy of bad choreography continues, with anonymous bimbos who stand on raised podiums, shaking their bits to the hits.
While insulting them, she is telling about her pursuit of her 18-year-old son, Chester, who has ripped her off and gone for a luxury weekend in Rio with two bimbos .
In fact, the women in Sea aren't bimbos , but characters representing different, complex responses to the dilemma, and they are balanced against male characters with equally strong or confused views.
There are an unending parade of zaftig, high-chested, round-bottomed babes and bimbos parading in short-shorts and tight tee-shirts all around the track and pit areas.
It is possible to see good in our ability to refuse to be stereotyped, but in a way, that black-and-white innocent age, when women were either bimbos or bluestockings, was kinder.