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billing / выручка, составление счета, выдача накладной
имя существительное
proceeds, earnings, gain, receipts, takings, billing
составление счета
выдача накладной
реклама в афишах
имя существительное
the action or fact of publicizing or being publicized in a particular way.
they can justify their billing as the American League favorites
the process of making out or sending invoices.
faster, more accurate order fulfillment and billing
list (a person or event) in a program.
they were billed to appear but didn't show up
send a note of charges to (someone).
we shall be billing them for the damage caused
(of birds, especially doves) stroke bill with bill during courtship.
Two birds, perfectly white, pink-beaked, dark-eyed, pigeons, settled on the ledge outside my window, billing and cooing as birds will in spring.
At this time of year, everyone does their utmost to ensure that Chanukah (which is not even that grand a Jewish festival) gets a big billing too.
Personal digital assistants offer everything, from e-mail, word processing and time and billing to reading e-books and playing games.
His mother is played by The West Wing's Stockard Channing, who was promoted heavily in the trailers and had a prominent billing in the credits - yet she is only on screen for a couple of minutes.
But such numbers are often based on wholesale adoption of electronic billing by consumers.
The last TV interview we did with Lemmon and Matthau - or Matthau and Lemmon, you decide the billing - was July of 1997.
Back to the Guardian - they did at least manage to get the Hitchins brothers together in the same room; although it doesn't really live up to the billing sadly.
he shared top billing with his wife
Harvey Electronics had recently installed an IBM mainframe to do its own billing and bookkeeping and had more capacity than was needed.
Despite the billing , it sounds to me like any of the local public radio news and talk shows.
At one time a top prospect with the New York Yankees, Spikes never lived up to the billing , but did have some productive seasons with the Cleveland Indians.