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billiards / бильярд
имя существительное
billiards, pill, pills
имя существительное
a game usually for two people, played on a billiard table, in which three balls are struck with cues into pockets around the edge of the table.
play billiards at home
a stroke in which the cue ball strikes two balls successively.
I wrote the book about the inner game of pocket billiards because I have a lot of experience with the self-defeating elements that destroy an otherwise fine game.
You begin your pocket billiards journey with the end in mind.
First it was indoor swimming pools, then came indoor tennis, of course the huge influx of indoor sports like snooker, billiards , table tennis became hot favourites.
A game / billiards room on the first floor opens out onto a patio with a hot tub.
For two players like us, dinner on the docks was plenty incentive to strive for pocket billiards excellence.
It is not enough to reach the summit of pocket billiards excellence.
The game of pocket billiards has a unique way of making us all equal.
To me, my growth in pocket billiards is the ‘word’.
The sports complex will have facilities for indoor games including badminton, billiards , and table tennis.
The battalion chapel and a game room with billiards and ping-pong tables were also located in the DFAC building.