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billet / заготовка, биллет, болванка
имя существительное
blank, billet, provision, bar, curing
blank, ingot, pig, billet, bar
house, quarter, accommodate, billet, canton
имя существительное
a place, usually a civilian's house or other nonmilitary facility, where soldiers are lodged temporarily.
The billets for these Russian soldiers were at No.6 the Bund, previously the P&O Banking Corp (now the Yangtze River Navigation Co building).
a thick piece of wood.
Tucker refused the original proposal to buy the European company's bats, instead working out a deal in which Louisville Slugger buys billets of wood and makes its own product.
lodge (soldiers) in a particular place, especially a civilian's house or other nonmilitary facility.
he didn't belong to the regiment billeted at the hotel
I think one of the points in the Declaration of Independence of the United States was a complaint against King George that he had required people to billet soldiers in their properties.
A record of the old hand processes of shaping a steel square section bar from the original billet taken from the furnace and thence to the yard where material was stored and transported by magnetic crane.
Built in 1852 to house an orange grove, with a glass façade facing south across the Seine, the Orangerie was used to billet soldiers on leave from the trenches during the First World War.
One of the unusual features of St. Bart's is that the billet moulding around the arches is continuous around the entire apse, rather than terminated at the capitals of the arches.
Cast billet can be hot forged, extruded, or machined, and castings can be produced by a variety of foundry techniques.
Built to protect the Solent from French invaders as part of a system of forts, it had a billet for 150 soldiers, is built almost entirely of granite blocks and measures 162 ft across.
None of the patterning is really visible until the billet is cut and polished a bit, but the process means that no two parts will look the same.
These upgrading works included the installation of fire alarms, ceiling repairs, electrical rewiring, heating, fire doors, shower, ablutions in the billet block and some tarmacadam.
I mused that in its heyday it must have been even more extraordinary - there are more than a quarter-of-a-million square feet filled with vast reception rooms, temples, baths and a barracks large enough to billet an entire army.
During the Second World War the building became a billet for soldiers.