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billboard / рекламный щит, доска, доска для объявлений
имя существительное
рекламный щит
board, plank, table, clapboard, billboard, chipboard
доска для объявлений
notice board, billboard
имя существительное
a large outdoor board for displaying advertisements.
Costly advertising on websites has been withdrawn and money spent on billboards and radio advertisements instead.
National wants to take advantage of their billboard campaign and good recent poll results.
Stickers have also been printed with the same content as the billboard advertisements.
We pass a billboard that usually advertises clothes in packs of three or lean Sunday hams or children's bicycles.
The cartoon featured a confused looking gent looking at a billboard advertising a horror film.
a billboard advertising campaign
The incredibly convoluted response would need a billboard , not a placard, for presentation.
From the distance of the other side of the road it looks just like a regular advertisement on a billboard .
The one crane I saw in the streets of Baghdad was hoisting an advertising billboard .
Officials have already opted to make more use of radio advertising, billboards and local newspapers.
About a fifth of the billboards in St Louis displayed tobacco advertising.