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bill / законопроект, счет, банкнот
имя существительное
account, score, bill, invoice, count, scoring
bill, note, bank note, greenback, bank bill
целоваться клювиками
объявлять в афишах
расклеивать афиши
имя существительное
an amount of money owed for goods supplied or services rendered, set out in a printed or written statement of charges.
he was running up a bill of hundreds of dollars
a draft of a proposed law presented to parliament for discussion.
a debate over the civil rights bill
a program of entertainment, especially at a theater.
she was top of the bill at America's leading vaudeville house
a banknote; a piece of paper money.
a ten-dollar bill
a poster or handbill.
the circus promoters were posting bills all over town
list (a person or event) in a program.
they were billed to appear but didn't show up
send a note of charges to (someone).
we shall be billing them for the damage caused
(of birds, especially doves) stroke bill with bill during courtship.
Two birds, perfectly white, pink-beaked, dark-eyed, pigeons, settled on the ledge outside my window, billing and cooing as birds will in spring.
Irish customers use their phones for an average of 198 minutes a month, running up a bill of €44.28.
Each of the plurality of flukes may be provided with an inwardly sloped bill segment at a distal end of the fluke.
He pulled out the money his father had given him to pay for the mare, and peeled off a ten-dollar bill .
The eyes are situated beside the bill giving the birds binocular vision.
he has been hard at work bill posting in a poster and sticker campaign
The concert will feature a host of local entertainers and top of the bill will be the widely acclaimed Clare singer Larry Mc Evoy.
Within a few weeks a draft bill was presented to parliament; it had two clauses later to become sections 1 and 2 of the Act of 1916.
Bernard was top of the bill at a fun day at The Rising Sun in Burnage, to raise funds for the £5m Francis House appeal.
a bill on foreign affairs
Parliament has approved a bill , proposed by Mr. Chen, that permits referendums on critical issues.