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bilingual / двуязычный, говорящий на двух языках
имя прилагательное
bilingual, diglot
говорящий на двух языках
имя существительное
имя прилагательное
(of a person) speaking two languages fluently.
a bilingual secretary
имя существительное
a person fluent in two languages.
As highly fluent bilinguals , the owners and employees can easily choose the language they will use with children on such visits.
The Irish Republic is officially bilingual , as are the road-signs: this allows you to become lost simultaneously in Gaelic and English.
They [conference participants] swapped titles and syllabuses and tips on presenting oral and bilingual texts to their students.
Never mind that she's superbly qualified and fluently bilingual .
Later, he came to Boston and studied bilingual education in the University of Massachusetts where he taught science to Latino students at the high school level.
We are a bilingual country and everybody deserves the right to be served in any language they choose.
Almost half that Hispanic population is more comfortable speaking only Spanish, and 28 percent is bilingual , according to a study by the Pew Hispanic Center.
They are allowed to take the Regents Exam in their native language, with a bilingual dictionary, and all the time they need.
Fluent in both Thai and English, Wuthinan's bilingual knowledge was desperately needed manning the phones at the blood donation centre.
Are there customs and themes you hope to preserve or advance through bilingual texts?
Not everyone recognizes how lucky we are to be a bilingual nation, it's culturally extraordinary.