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bilberry / черника
имя существительное
blueberry, bilberry, whortleberry, huckleberry, hurtleberry, blaeberry
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
a hardy dwarf shrub closely related to the blueberry, with red drooping flowers and dark blue edible berries.
When the weather's fine there's excellent walking on a network of inland tracks that climb past peat-dark lakes through cloudberries, bilberries , saxifrage and reindeer moss, with eagles above and the occasional moose up ahead.
Plants such as birds-eye primrose, wild thyme, bilberry and the insectivorous butterwort will expand, creating spectacular landscapes.
In the shrub layer are green-leaf manzanita, bog bilberry , western azalea, and leather oak.
So we slipped straight into a larch wood and then soon found a nice sunken track through Silpho Moor with beech and birch, heather and bilberry , and, having dropped out of the clouds, sweet views of Whisper Dales.
If your vision fails after dark, the European herb bilberry can make a noticeable short-term improvement in your sight, Winston says.
Most of Ecolution's fabrics are vegetable dyed with such botanicals as oregano, oak bark, bilberry and pansy to create a vivid palate of colors.
Not only do the shaggy creatures trample down invasive bracken but they treat heather and bilberry with respect - unlike sheep, which munch the delicate shoots to extinction.
Leeds is to be linked with the bilberry , which grows on many of the moors surrounding the city and neighbouring Bradford.
The bilberry bushes are just pushing through last year's flattened bracken and this year's rising heather.
The snow pack was removed from four sample plots 1 m in size in a natural bilberry stand growing in a spruce forest in the vicinity of the Botanical Gardens on 14 March 2000.
A long nose of a shrew quivered through a tussock of grass, heather and bilberry gave ground to flanks of oak woods vivid with bluebells, wild strawberries flowered in cracks.