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bilateral / двусторонний, билатеральный
имя прилагательное
bilateral, reversible, bipartite, reciprocal, bifacial, two-sided
bilateral, ambidexter
имя прилагательное
having or relating to two sides; affecting both sides.
bilateral hearing is essential for sound location
We report a case of acute airway obstruction secondary to bilateral broncholiths.
Extensive fibrosis and bilateral nodular lesions can be seen on chest radiographs.
Austria and Bulgaria have had an official bilateral cultural agreement since 1974.
Mammography, bilateral in patients who had had conservative surgery, was scheduled once a year.
Do we make heroes of people who break bilateral or international agreements and embarrass the country?
The two sides held bilateral talks on the sidelines but failed to make any progress.
We might be pushing it a bit to get a bilateral agricultural agreement with the French, for example.
Mexico is the only country that has not signed a bilateral agreement with China.
Countries have instead resorted to bilateral trade agreements in a bid to gain tariff reduction up to zero percent.
bilateral agreement