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bikini / бикини
имя существительное
имя существительное
a very brief two-piece swimsuit for women.
It may be winter outside, but Marks & Spencer is hotting up with fantastic bikinis , swimsuits, tankinis and dresses to flatter all.
имя существительное
an atoll in the Marshall Islands, in the western Pacific Ocean, used by the US 1946–58 as a site for testing nuclear weapons.
The bikini bottom had strings that tied together at the sides to keep it on, and the bikini top was halter style.
Karen put on a yellow sun dress over her bikini
Wear these Women's Panties, with their low-rise bikini design.
Julia pulled out a pink bikini top and a mini skirt with a tropical design.
Try layering a swim short over a one-piece or opt for low, hipster bikini bottoms.
bikini top
She had long blonde hair tied up in a high pony tail, with jeans on and a gold bikini top.
All she could see though, was a fairly pretty girl wearing a tight mini-skirt and a white bikini top.
A luxurious deep embroidery accents this string bikini adding a sultry feminine hue with dark contrast stitching in a botanical print throughout.
Both were dressed in mini skirts and tank tops with their bikini straps clearly visible.