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bijou / украшения, безделушка, драгоценная вещь
имя существительное
ornamentation, finery, ornamentals, furnishings, trappings, bijou
bauble, trinket, knick-knack, trifle, bijou, gadget
драгоценная вещь
имя прилагательное
precious, bijou
маленький и изящный
имя существительное
a jewel or trinket.
For street fashion and younger boutiques - plus antiques and bijoux objets - head for the pedestrianised area around Via dei Fiori Chiari (by the Brera museum) and its northern extension in Via Solferino.
имя прилагательное
(especially of a residence or business establishment) small and elegant.
the greasy spoons have given way to bijou restaurants
A two-bedroom flat in bijou Holly Walk, not far from Hampstead Heath but not exactly in view of it either, was just fifty quid shy of a million pounds.
Well, not all of them… the majority handed over a selection of bijou Edwardian residences which I shall have to go and look at, at some point.
What used to be their homes and even workshops are now largely weekend cottages or bijou conversions for long-distance commuters.
A sign in the driveway of the waterside mansion doesn't quite say ‘tradesmen's entrance ’, but it directs visitors to the back door, where a bijou sports car sits in the garage.
Kinloch House has recently invested in an indoor swimming pool and a new spa, and both take a stay in this bijou little hotel from average country break to a real pampering weekend.
When the handsome Hollywood actress Brooke Shields, left, starred as Roxie Hart in the West End musical Chicago over the summer, she picked out a bijou house in Marylebone as her home.
The tree would be dressed in a sea of twinkling white lights - nothing else save for some sort of interesting piece of art work on the top bought from some little bijou art shop in Morocco.
The complete tour of a Tokyo apartment - compact and bijou , but clean, light and equipped with modern equipment to make the best of the limited space.
Compact and bijou , Belfast is nonetheless a world-beater.
They started 15 years ago and between them now boast restaurants, hotels, a university campus, a sports stadium, arts centres, new bridges and bijou housing.