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bigwig / воротила, шишка, важная персона
имя существительное
cone, lump, bump, knob, hotshot, bigwig
важная персона
somebody, grandee, personage, mogul, panjandrum, bigwig
имя существительное
an important person, usually in a particular sphere. Also called big wheel.
Significantly, the violators include some political bigwigs , powerful businessman and town planners.
Arvind, a college teacher catches Rajkumar, son of a political bigwig , in the examination hall while the latter is copying.
In the late 1990s the itch to merge seemed to infect most of the bigwig chief executives.
In this most recent case I'd say a personal contact from a bigwig at this company is a highly encouraging sign, but becomes much less so when he fails to ever reply to additional samples or requests for confirmation of receipt.
Earlier during the day, it was all so formal with industry bigwigs around for the presentation of the management degrees.
It is not an official diplomatic conference, but all the top brass and political bigwigs can be found there.
Local politicians, normally passed over by Washington bigwigs , suddenly find themselves courted by all nine of the runners.
What on earth induced the local bigwigs to want to wreck this picture postcard image by adding ‘city’ to the list?
Council bigwigs have hit back at suggestions a town centre road could be the ‘worst in Britain’ for parking.
He chuckled as did the assembled DC bigwigs of press and politics.
Want to sway to a Caribbean beat along with political bigwigs at the New England Aquarium?