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bigot / фанатик, изувер, расист
имя существительное
fanatic, zealot, bigot, devotee, sectarian, crazy
fanatic, bigot
racist, racialist, bigot
имя существительное
a person who is bigoted.
religious bigots
But calling someone a racist or a bigot says that his ideas have no place in the democratic public square.
I'd be branded a heartless bigot , racist and drummed out of office in about 1 day.
He's an unrepentant bigot , plus an idiot who knows nothing about football.
So yeah, I'm homophobic and I could be mistaken for being a racist bigot too.
If the Lords was convinced it was no longer necessary, it seems to me only a homophobic bigot would keep going on about it.
he was a fanatical bigot
Justice and decency were the very things the religious bigots of all denominations hated and feared most, as they still do today.
He's tackled terrorists and serial killers, racists and bigots , pimps and dealers and gangsters.
Should we condemn a generation of older people as bigots and racists purely because they use the language of their day?
We are thick and ignorant just as we are fair and enlightened and a relative proportion of us are bigots and racists.