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biggie / biggie
важная персона
important person
имя существительное
a big, important, or successful person or thing.
composers including most of the biggies like Brahms, Wagner, Mendelssohn
I also worry about extending the rights of citizenship - and voting is the biggie - to people who haven't made that commitment.
Know-it-all TV biggies and critics quickly wrote off CNN and labeled it the ‘Chicken Noodle Network.’
Unlike the last round of negotiations held at Doha in 2001, the biggies have forged a massive alliance well in advance thereby attempting to dictate to the world their terms on which trade will be conducted.
But the best piece of advice I could give you (apart from the first two biggies in the first paragraph), is smile and nod.
Indeed, the film is weighted with questions about all the biggies : life, love, death, religion, revenge, organ transplantation, and much, much more.
Contacts with biggies like them is the only factor.
One of the biggies is balancing your feelings, thoughts and behavior.
So for me loyalty is right up there with the biggies like ‘devotion’, ‘trust’ and ‘love’.
Monday morning, across America, the news magazines came out, and this man made the cover of all three of the biggies .
Instituted in 1998, it wants to compete with the biggies .