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bifurcation / бифуркация, раздвоение, разветвление
имя существительное
bifurcation, furcation
branching, bifurcation, ramification, fork, crotch, embranchment
ramification, bifurcation, embranchment, crotch, divarication
имя существительное
the division of something into two branches or parts.
the bifurcation of the profession into social do-gooders and self-serving iconoclasts
right aortic bifurcation nodes were seen
To be sure, each superhero whose life is marked by the invariable bifurcation between ‘secret’ identities inevitably touches down upon the theme of the fractured self and psyche.
In tandem with these developments, however, there emerged a form of bifurcation in the handling of the group as a concept and organisation.
This cultural bifurcation is aggravated by the fact that between our two warfighting cultures, one human-centric and one technology-centric, the latter currently predominates.
In many ways there was a kind of bifurcation of social history in the field of Latin America.
One keeps wondering what the author, in his chapter on Mexican-Americans, means by ‘cultural bifurcation .’
In this connection, he also reiterated the demand for bifurcation of the Cement Factory from the parent organisation.
History and textual theory continue to constitute the principal bifurcation in literary studies, and those two methods of inquiry frequently elicit professions of faith rather than reasoned argumentation.
But there was a price to be paid, one of fragmentation, or at least bifurcation .
As each plant had a bifurcation (two branches), two measurements were obtained per leaf stage for each plant.