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bifurcate / раздваиваться, разветвляться, раздваивать
bifurcate, split apart, furcate
branch, bifurcate, ramify, fork, divaricate
bifurcate, dualize
имя прилагательное
forked, cloven, bifurcate, bifid, furcate
имя прилагательное
forked; branched.
a bifurcate tree
divide into two branches or forks.
just below Cairo the river bifurcates
The stigmatic branches are less bifurcate .
The ribs are only bifurcate , never trifurcatc.
Mycelia shown by confocal microscopy are bifurcate , and do not appear to be epiphytic nor epixylic since they were not found on plant remains.
Processes may be unbranched and taper to slender points, or may be bifurcate , and may additionally have occasional small or incipient branches (often as spinules) along main stem.
Medially, it blends with the anterior part of the medial ligament of the ankle joint and, laterally, with the plantar margin of the calcaneonavicular part of the bifurcate ligament.
The quandary bifurcates : one of its branches leads to known resources, the other to unknown ones to be discovered.
Where the road bifurcates , keep right as indicated by the signs.
The cars heading down curve slowly, as one watches the flower beds on both sides, not to speak of the stately mansions, condominiums and townhouses that the street bifurcates .
The British Columbia province is distinctively bifurcated into the lush green forests and the dry and arid region.
The new bill seeks to strengthen the regulatory body by bifurcating it into a tribunal and a regulator.