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bifid / расщепленный, раздвоенный, разделенный надвое
имя прилагательное
split, cleft, bifid, riven, cloven
forked, cloven, bifurcate, bifid, furcate
разделенный надвое
имя прилагательное
(of a part of a plant or animal) divided by a deep cleft or notch into two parts.
a bifid leaf
The style, with a narrow bifid stigma, extends above the anthers by 5 mm.
The ventral lobe is divided into two deep bifid prongs by a high median saddle.
Mild forms of cleft palate include submucosal clefts, pharyngeal incompetence and bifid uvula.
In addition, the new species has an inner lip tooth that is only rarely bifid and much more weakly bifid .
It is a congenital abnormality which covers a spectrum ranging from a simple bifid renal pelvis to a complete ureteropelvic duplication.