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biennial / двухгодичный, двухлетний, случающийся раз в два года
имя прилагательное
biennial, biannual
случающийся раз в два года
имя существительное
двухлетнее растение
имя прилагательное
taking place every other year.
summit meetings are normally biennial
(especially of a plant) living or lasting for two years.
Italian ryegrass, a biennial species, also may be used to increase productivity of older stands.
имя существительное
a plant that takes two years to grow from seed to fruition and die.
Plant out hardy biennials such as foxgloves and wallflowers in their flowering positions.
an event celebrated or taking place every two years.
The national gymnasts are calling for more overseas tryouts in their training program prior to the biennial sporting event in September.
It's understandable that speculation ran high as to what kind of biennial exhibition he would assemble.
The Foundation celebrates its 12th biennial competition this year.
In one cohort women undergo biennial screening over 10 years and in the other cohort they do not.
As with the previous biennial , Berlin's gallery-strewn Mitte district will be the event's principal setting.
It is only seven months until the country's biennial ratings are released for national garden cities.
Established in 1998, this biennial exhibition award honors Tremaine, a life-long collector of contemporary art, who formed the foundation prior to her 1987 death.
But it was far less than previous years when the biennial gala featured as many as 500 silent auction items.
Cosmopolitan Johannesburg has a thriving art scene with a number of its top artists making names for themselves at international biennial exhibitions.
Lesquerella mendocina plants remained vegetative, showing a biennial habit, when sown in the field in late spring even when artificially vernalized, or in a glasshouse at similar temperatures to those of late sowings in the field.
In a nutshell, biennial plants are just like annual and perennial plants except that it takes them two years to complete their life cycles.