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biddy / старая сплетница
имя существительное
старая сплетница
имя существительное
a woman, usually an elderly one regarded as annoying or interfering.
the old biddies were muttering in his direction
People are quite shocked when they realise I'm a little old biddy with quite a lot of ill health, because I don't come over like that.
‘And I don't care who hears me,’ the old biddy shamelessly adds.
I am not this little old biddy sitting at home with nothing better to do.
Everyone I asked knew an old biddy who had bought the pharmaceutical company in 1948 and still had it.
I sound like an old biddy writing this but I think we lose something when interactions are reduced in quality. ‘Manners’ evolved for good purpose.
Watch out for the old biddy in the gray dress walking around town.
The old biddy had known what she was talking about, it was just that other people didn't have the ability to understand her any more.
The groom, who had a roguish side, pulled Alison into a showy clasp, and the priest stepped back and led the quick applause for the couple, forestalling the biddies who would later complain that the ceremony had lacked dignity.
So long as you can put up with all the other old biddies creeping along at 20 mph, the short drive from Edinburgh to the village of Cramond makes for a truly invigorating experience.
I mean, come on: this was going to be some insufferably twee tale about the friendship between two feisty old biddies .