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bidding / торги, предложение цены, приказание
имя существительное
bargaining, bidding
предложение цены
bidding, bid, offer
bidding, word, behest, do
invitation, invite, call, engagement, bidding
call, appeal, plea, exhortation, draft, bidding
имя существительное
the offering of particular prices for something, especially at an auction.
their first sale produced a wide range of lots and some energetic bidding
the ordering or requesting of someone to do something.
the clandestine associations that would act at their bidding
offer (a certain price) for something, especially at an auction.
a consortium of dealers bid a world record price for a snuff box
utter (a greeting or farewell) to.
a chance to bid farewell to their president
command or order (someone) to do something.
I did as he bade me
They then had the choice of upping their offer or dropping out of the bidding .
There was no sense of straining to recapture lost magic: it simply appeared, as if at his bidding .
Mitsubishi is still working on details of a bid including how much it will propose to pay and if it should form a partnership with other companies in the bidding , he said.
their first sale produced a wide range of lots and some energetic bidding
It was awarded last month without tendering or competitive bidding .
But if they do, expect the Red Sox, who tried for Sosa four years ago, to be in the bidding as well.
The tender bidding will be announced in local and foreign daily newspapers by the middle of July.
I felt Hayden's hands on my face and at her bidding leaned down and placed my lips on hers.
The company won the competitive bidding thanks to its technical expertise and better financial offer.
from a cautious opener of $30, the bidding soared to $450