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bid / заявка, предложение цены, предлагаемая цена
имя существительное
bid, application, request, claim, proposal, requisition
предложение цены
bidding, bid, offer
предлагаемая цена
claim, pretension, pretense, bid, beef, pretence
soliciting, bid, exaction
предлагать цену
invite, ask, call in, retain, ask out, bid
order, command, tell, enjoin, direct, bid
ask, beg, seek, pray, invite, bid
объявить масть
два раза в день
offer (a certain price) for something, especially at an auction.
a consortium of dealers bid a world record price for a snuff box
utter (a greeting or farewell) to.
a chance to bid farewell to their president
command or order (someone) to do something.
I did as he bade me
имя существительное
an offer of a price, especially at an auction.
several buyers made bids for the Van Gogh sketches
He said their promotion should be be given first priority in the city administration's plan to promote new teachers in its bid to gain regional autonomy.
In a bid to limit the damage, the government attempted to maintain it had never raised hopes of an early resolution.
Staff, pupils and parents are due to bid a tearful farewell to their primary school tomorrow.
Time presses on and I have to bid farewell to Anne.
an investigation would be carried out in a bid to establish what had happened
He did not take his third jump and bid a tearful farewell.
It will be put up for auction and a bid of £500 has already been received.
Police are encouraging residents to join their e-mail information line in a bid to crack down on criminals.
To comply, the Housing Department decided to reject any tender bid should the monthly wages of subcontracted workers be less than the market value.
The world's biggest airports operator rejected the transport company's 810p a share bid on Friday, saying it undervalued the firm.