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bicentennial / двухсотлетие, двухсотлетняя годовщина
имя существительное
bicentenary, bicentennial
двухсотлетняя годовщина
bicentenary, bicentennial
имя прилагательное
bicentennial, bicentenary
повторяющийся каждые 200 лет
имя прилагательное
of or relating to a two-hundredth anniversary.
the bicentennial celebrations
имя существительное
the two-hundredth anniversary of a significant event.
last year's commemoration of the bicentennial of Mozart's birth
The book was hailed upon its publication, coinciding with the nation's yearlong bicentennial celebration, as an historical document.
Today, as the town nears its bicentennial anniversary, it still attracts people from all over.
It was republished in 1998 on the occasion of the bicentennial of the 1798 rebellion but now John wants to bring the story to a wider stage.
The bicentennial of the country's independence was celebrated amid political chaos and abject poverty.
The show, which celebrates the bicentennial of the Academy, will include interviews with famous alumni.
Where does all this leave us today with regard to the philosopher and his legacy at the bicentennial of his birth?
Even before the presidency series began, there were two single-day conferences during the bicentennial of the U.S. Constitution on the legislative and judicial branches.
This recording was made in 1970, the Beethoven bicentennial , in Bonn - the city of the composer's birth.
In celebration of the bicentennial of the Military Academy, there has been a flood of books on the august institution's history.
During the summer of 1976, cascading fireworks and majestic tall ships ushered in this nation's Fourth of July bicentennial .