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bicentenary / двухсотлетие, двухсотлетняя годовщина
имя существительное
bicentenary, bicentennial
двухсотлетняя годовщина
bicentenary, bicentennial
имя прилагательное
bicentennial, bicentenary
Many organisations will have eyed the bicentenary of the train as a platform for special events.
The year 1998 marked the bicentenary of the publication of the famous Essay on the Principle of Population by Thomas Malthus, in which he argued that the population of a region would always grow until checked by famine, pestilence or war.
Written to appear for the bicentenary of the Revolution in 1989, as an Oxford History the book was conceived as a narrative for general readers rather than the student textbook it has nevertheless largely become.
Next year is the bicentenary of Andersen's birth, and his native Denmark will marshal an enthusiastic programme of celebrations.
Muskets, drunken rebels and burning torches: next month marks the bicentenary of one of our bloodiest uprisings
But as the bicentenary of its discovery approaches, morphine's combination of ready availability, clinical efficacy and familiarity to those who practice medicine continue to outweigh its vices.
The bicentenary of the event will be celebrated on Monday and Tuesday with a new plaque in the Peace Gardens, plus a lecture and children's workshop.
Our bicentenary is approaching, in another 10 years.
So you have a bicentenary , a centenary and a present day feat all remembered together.
The Windeward Bound is a ship that's commemorating the bicentenary of Matthew Flinders's voyage.