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bibliophile / библиофил, книголюб
имя существительное
bibliophile, bookworm
bibliophile, booklover, bibliolater
имя существительное
a person who collects or has a great love of books.
Though many bibliophiles would love to have a look at this collection, it has not been available in the market for long.
A knowledgeable bibliophile , he also assembled a collection of books utilizing various photomechanical processes that he eventually sold to the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco.
Art books make excellent gifts for your favorite bibliophile .
Set up by the city's most famous poet in 1919, it still retains the musty, order-through-chaos atmosphere of a true bibliophile 's den.
Being a bibliophile of non-fiction books has also led me to a worrying conclusion.
What becomes clear is that today's book buyer is different from the patient bibliophile of yesteryear.
My grandfather, a solicitor, was an amateur geologist and anthropologist with a special interest in Aboriginal languages, and a bibliophile who passed on his passion for books and reading to my father.
There were always plenty of books in our house, because my mother was a passionate bibliophile .
Between these, a narrow, winding rivulet-track of rugs leads up to the armchair of the happy bibliophile , who is to be seen dimly manifest amid clouds of tobacco smoke by the fireside.
I'm a bibliophile by day and… well, the same thing by night.
The resulting 980 copies of the edition are, of necessity, rare and expensive items in their own right, destined only for the collections of bibliophiles and the world's major libraries.