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bib / нагрудник, детский нагрудник, верхняя часть фартука
имя существительное
bib, breastplate
детский нагрудник
bib, feeder, dickey, dicky
верхняя часть фартука
booze, make sour, sot, bib, boose
drink, imbibe, tipple, bib, sot
drink, booze, tope, be on the booze, tipple, bib
имя существительное
a piece of cloth or plastic fastened around a person's neck to keep their clothes clean while eating.
He removed the grey bib from around my neck and handed me a piece of white tissue.
drink (something alcoholic).
Though the issue of drink was not raised in these cases, it is likely that a visit to market would have included ale- bibbing .
Has anyone seen ‘Fluffy’, a large tiger cat with a white bib and bushy tail?
As a Novice licence holder, you must race wearing an orange bib .
They have a black mask and bib , yellow and white wing bars and yellow tip to the tail.
a black bird with a white bib
Her apron bib was high to the collar in front, and fastened with straps which crossed at the back.
He was wearing a baby blue diaper, and a bib with a yellow star on it.
After crossing the checkpoint line, an official punched the appropriate spot on my bib , indicating the completion of the first section, and then pointed me towards the food.
The company has continued to add full and bib apron styles and colors, and it has expanded its line, and introduced a new poplin smock.
Margarite's heart was beating like a drum under her apron bib .
Rose smoothed her hands down the bib of her dungarees.