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biathlon / биатлон
имя существительное
имя существительное
an athletic contest combining two events, especially cross-country skiing and rifle shooting.
One of the most exciting events was the biathlon , which combines cross-country skiing with shooting at targets at a range of 50m.
The sport of biathlon combines the disciplines of cross-country skiing and target shooting.
Stephen keeps up with his jogging, often once a day, and has made plans to return home for a fundraising biathlon in May.
His strength has always been the skiing portion of biathlon , a tribute to the years he spent running and cross-country skiing.
Those who purchased the joint pass by October 31 will also receive a two-hour biathlon experience that includes range instruction, ammunition and rifle use at the Paralympic range.
As in traditional competition, biathlon consists of cross-country skiing and shooting.
The biathlon , he adds, has helped him ‘focus on the day-to-day things and not worry about things that are coming up in the future.’
He has gained provincial colours for athletics, cross-country, swimming, biathlon , triathlon, duathlon, cycling, gymnastics and tumbling.
In an unprecedented effort, the channel will provide some form of coverage of almost every event including Nordic combined and biathlon .
She turned to biathlon three years later after attending a regional biathlon camp.
The biathlon works on a points system, similar to the decathlon, but instead of ten events, competitors only take part in a time swim and run.