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biased / тенденциозный, пристрастный, необъективный
имя прилагательное
tendentious, biased, tendency, biassed, tendential
biased, partial, biassed, unfair, discriminatory, interested
biased, biassed, overweighted, one-party
имя прилагательное
unfairly prejudiced for or against someone or something.
we will not tolerate this biased media coverage
cause to feel or show inclination or prejudice for or against someone or something.
readers said the paper was biased toward the conservatives
give a bias to.
bias the ball
Most studies of professions based on the process model have been biased towards Anglo-American experiences.
However, Frontier legislator Emily Lau feared opinions from the forum could be biased .
Many of these genes are also strongly female biased .
Well, I think that there was a lot of biased coverage.
Still, this approach could have unwittingly biased results.
The publisher blamed the losses on a lack of advertising, particularly among those Marshalltown merchants who were biased against Latinos.
The genetic programming example above yields large equations that become impractical or too biased to the past.
I only object to the fact that your articles seem extremely biased .
The decision to transfer such patients to neurosurgical care seems to be biased against older patients.
Shorter, honest recommendations are better than longer biased reports.