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biannual / двухлетний, происходящий два раза в год
имя прилагательное
biennial, biannual
происходящий два раза в год
biannual, biyearly
имя прилагательное
occurring twice a year.
the biannual meeting of the planning committee
Last year a national search for new songwriting talent began in preparation for Scotland's first festival of song, a biannual project to promote, encourage and nurture songwriting in Scotland.
But during the course of the biannual check-up, a discovery was made that would change Anne's life.
And of course, the biannual IT fair had some of the latest gadgets on stands.
Now based in London, he was organizing a biannual meeting of his senior team.
We've been working on the play for four or five years now with the script having emerged from our biannual new work festival.
I need to get my biannual haircut, which is several months overdue…
The biannual tour has grown from a six-city grassroots event to an award-winning 20-city, three-month tour.
At the 45th biannual meeting, such exclusivity agreements were discussed.
The fire forum itself has had a chequered history and does not attract many members of the public to its biannual meetings.
Currently, the only publicly funded showcase for local talent at the festival is the British Council's biannual event, to which it invites 250 international talent scouts.