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beyond / за, вне, после
for, per, over, behind, at, beyond
outside, out, out of, beyond, outside of, without
after, following, since, upon, beyond, on
above, beyond, in excess of, past, o'er
above, over, before, beyond, afore, o'er
за пределами
beyond, free of
outside, out, beyond, outward
after, post, beyond, behind, next, past
further, farther, next, beyond, forward, forth
по ту сторону
beyond, across
имя существительное
загробная жизнь
afterlife, beyond, futurity
at or to the further side of.
he pointed to a spot beyond the trees
happening or continuing after (a specified time or event).
we can manage another two years, but beyond that the system is not viable
having progressed or achieved more than (a specified stage or level).
we need to get beyond square one
to a degree or condition where a specified action is impossible.
the landscape has changed beyond recognition
apart from; except.
beyond telling us that she was well educated, he has nothing to say about her
имя существительное
the unknown after death.
messages from the beyond
There is no obligation to continue working beyond the established retirement benefit age.
I want to offer my praise for a disc that goes above and beyond almost every expectation.
Also, when we know that our land and water resources are stretched beyond limits due to our burgeoning population.
I rolled my eyes at this, looking out my window at the trees surrounding us beyond the dirt road we travelled on.
All of which, of course, is above and beyond the normal tax revenues they collect.
This is the former goods yard on the south-west side of the railway beyond Hellifield station.
don't go beyond the line
The Pentagon has done nothing beyond routine acknowledgment of the filing of the complaint.
I hope your coverage of what's going on in the rest of the reading and writing world will continue beyond the next two weeks or so.
Bennett's eminence as a dramatist is beyond question.