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bewitch / заколдовывать, очаровывать, очаровать
bewitch, charm, hex, hoodoo
fascinate, charm, enchant, captivate, mesmerize, bewitch
cast a spell on, bewitch, cast a spell over, cast a glamor over, witch, cast a spell upon
cast a spell on and gain control over (someone) by magic.
his relatives were firmly convinced that he was bewitched
Why do witches and old women fascinate and bewitch children?
According to historians, Boyan was not a magician in the sense that he was able to cast spells, bewitch people and transform into animals, but he was a learned man and a poet.
His works enchant, bewitch , stimulate and evoke; in the face of them, some people laugh with joy, still others weep as they've never allowed themselves to.
This is a body of new work produced over the last twelve months which intrigue and bewitch the viewer.
The Indians could bewitch my children, and my wife didn't want to go.
In the end, the exasperated adults were compelled to employ the services of a piper, who bewitched the children with music and led them into a hollow mountain.
These books are filled with prayers thought to help those suffering from bewitchment .
I was bewitched the moment I laid eyes on her, and have loved her ever since.
He accused the goodwife of bewitching his daughter.
Afterwards, Jim tells stories to all the other slaves about how witches bewitched him that night.