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bewilder / сбивать с толку, смущать, озадачивать
сбивать с толку
confuse, bewilder, baffle, mislead, perplex, obfuscate
embarrass, confuse, disturb, perplex, disconcert, bewilder
puzzle, perplex, bewilder, baffle, mystify, amuse
cause (someone) to become perplexed and confused.
she seemed frightened and bewildered
If these questions bewilder you, you are not alone.
Questions like these will bewilder historians - and novelists - for decades to come.
Beware of false, deceptive people and situations that may bewilder you temporarily.
They then informed the slightly bewildered audience that we had just heard their first song.
Such behaviour on the part of young people bewilders parents and pastors today.
Drawn pages were on display as artworks, in their original size so that one could get up close and examine the often bewilderingly intricate line work.
The largest effect they had was to cause bewilderment and alarm throughout the neighbourhood.
The utter imprudence of our mayor and City Council bewilders me.
But what bewilders me is that instead of providing a real solution, the local authority simply forces the schools to close.
His parents are so bewildered , they are sure it must have been an accident.