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beware / остерегаться, беречься
beware, shun, watch out, guard, keep away, eschew
beware, guard, be careful, guard against, take care of oneself, mind
be cautious and alert to the dangers of.
consumers were warned to beware of faulty packaging
Always beware of giving your personal details to anyone online, if you are not sure who they are or represent.
A mother is urging parents to beware of thieves selling stolen bikes in the run up to Christmas.
However, beware of making compromises with your own values and priorities or you miss life.
we should beware the incompetence of legislators
But viewer beware , a dry sense of humour is needed to enjoy this movie to its fullest.
We must beware of the danger of confusing what is passionately and deeply wanted with what is a right.
Drivers in the city who have not paid their parking fines had better beware .
Just a word of advice; if you think that such a person is your friend - beware .
Parents planning to buy motorised scooters for their children this Christmas are being urged to beware .
Look at what has been achieved for your good in this beautiful market town, but beware of false promises.