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bevel / скос, фаска, наклон
имя существительное
bevel, slant, chamfer, skew, rake, scarf
chamfer, facet, bevel, face, flat
incline, lean, tilt, slope, inclination, bevel
имя прилагательное
oblique, skew, slanting, bias, sidelong, bevel
conical, conic, bevel, coniform
bevel, slope, cant, scarf
broach, trim, square, dress, tool, bevel
имя существительное
a slope from the horizontal or vertical in carpentry and stonework; a sloping surface or edge.
Standard redwood patterns include: tongue & groove, bevel, rabbeted bevel , shiplap, channel shiplap and V shiplap.
reduce (a square edge on an object) to a sloping edge.
a beveled mirror
But the edge can also be a curve, ogee, or a simple bevel .
The cut side without the bevel and flange must rest on the wall molding.
a very small 45° bevel is ground on the top surface
They should be trimmed to 4-5 inches wide with a 35-degree bevel on one edge.
Angle the blade against the stone until you think you're contacting the edge bevel , then push the blade lightly along as if you were trying to slice off a paper-thin wafer of stone.
Specifically, if the tip edge is catching, and your ski is tuned flat, it can be that the edge is too sharp up toward the tip, or you don't have enough edge bevel .
Sharpen pruner blades by swiping them over the whetstone in a curved motion, trying to maintain their original bevel .
For a real contrast, the bevel can even be done in a different material altogether, such as wood strips or even thin strips of brass.
The older picture showed an aluminium-hued casing with rounded corners and a screen bevel sloping away to the edge of the unit.
Where the skirting board butts up against a doorframe, check that the angle is true and, if not, use a sliding bevel to measure the angle of the cut and mark on the board.