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between / между
between, betwixt
between, among, inter, amongst, amid, betwixt
in or along the space separating two objects or regions.
layers of paper with tar in between
in the period separating two points in time.
sets of exercises with no rest in between
at, into, or across the space separating (two objects or regions).
the border between Mexico and the United States
in the period separating (two points in time).
they snack between meals
in the interval separating (two points on a scale).
a man aged between 18 and 30
indicating a connection or relationship involving two or more parties.
the relationship between Pauline and Chris
by combining the resources or actions of (two or more people or other entities).
we have created something between us
Clear separation of standards was achieved by running the plate three times, with a drying period in between .
negotiations between the two companies are continuing
In between , they create art installations, digital videos and vibrant collages.
sets of exercises with no rest in between
sets of exercises with no rest in between
Armed conflict between clans, often over access to water, breaks out sporadically.
He is a good man and I do not blame him, but for a period there were problems between us.
While some of the songs are used in full, a few are played in between to create the mood.
we sent messages between us
It is the years in between which account for the accent and body art.