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betrothed / суженый
имя существительное
betrothed, intended
имя прилагательное
betrothed, fiancé, fiance
betrothed, engaged, affianced, ringed, plighted, trothplight
betrothed, engaged, affianced, plighted, contracted
имя существительное
the person to whom one is engaged.
how long have you known your betrothed?
enter into a formal agreement to marry.
soon I shall be betrothed to Isabel
He stood there unmovable as he watched his friend dance with his angel and his supposed betrothed .
Alexia turned around and gasped, it was her betrothed , whom she had forgotten about completely.
But you were the one who said I was your betrothed in the first place!
Isn't that the legend where Rama together with his friend Hannuman takes an army of monkeys across the bridge to fight a demon who's stolen Rama's betrothed ?
Now I'm not a whole man, will my betrothed still want to tie the knot and join the grumpy clan?
Alannis is fast asleep in the nursery but when she has awakened The King and his betrothed have requested to see her.
how long have you known your betrothed?
No, she has moved to the dining table, to sit beside her beloved betrothed .
He was provided with a brother, a servant, with good and evil counselors, with a betrothed, and the betrothed in turn with a father and a maidservant.
‘Come down and see your betrothed off,’ she ordered.