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betroth / обручить, обручать, помолвить
betroth, plight
enter into a formal agreement to marry.
soon I shall be betrothed to Isabel
Hunt had always come across as such an earnest fellow, betrothed to his majesty's fleet.
Uncertainty plagued her, following every move she made, surfacing every time anyone mentioned her betrothal .
She had seemed so girlish, chattering on about clothes and gossiping about the recent betrothals .
I know you're the Imperial Princess, betrothed to a Prince you've never met.
In the story about love, devotion and betrayal that spans lifetimes, Aida becomes the handmaiden to Princess Amneris, who is betrothed to Radames.
From the moment they were considered ready for betrothal , women were under an enormous amount of societal pressure to marry.
Middle-aged Miss Witherfield, betrothed to this man, was well acquainted with his jealous temperament.
In a party scene, she toasts a young woman, newly betrothed to a naval officer.
Before my tutor Catherine had came along I had wanted nothing more than to be betrothed and married.
Jame, until now seemingly betrothed to his work, is unexpectedly hurt and later heartbroken at losing Vin.