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betoken / означать, предвещать
mean, indicate, denote, imply, signify, betoken
herald, portend, presage, foreshadow, forebode, betoken
be a sign of; indicate.
she wondered if his cold, level gaze betokened indifference or anger
Does all this betoken a possibly lethal sickness in the west?
Only after a decade or more does one begin to see the tower cranes which betoken new construction in the sky near the motorway junctions.
Celebrating our national spirit on our patron saint's day, such awards clearly cannot do justice to the myriad, often unsung acts of ingenuity, endeavour or sheer on-the-street decency which betoken the progress of a people.
Doth that betoken its issue was with us getting a druye olders at all?
But they betoken something that I believe has very ominous implications.
That instability, in turn, may betoken some profound change on the horizon.
The reluctance to wave the big stick at employers does not betoken EU indifference.
This decay must betoken the doom of modern civilisation as it did that of Rome and Greece, unless some new moral or physical factors arise to defeat it.
It is just as true that the endless portrayals of the life of Christ in medieval art, as well as acting as one of the main forms of religious instruction, betoken an obsessive desire to grasp the essence of the God-man.
These geometric forms, however, could betoken the patron rather than the designer, especially for an audience less familiar with the arts and their leading representatives.