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betide / постигать, случаться
comprehend, perceive, grasp, apprehend, conceive, betide
happen, occur, be, match, take place, betide
I waited with beating heart, as yet not knowing what would betide
Armed with an exact list of what is to be bought, off we set, and woe betide the person who wanders in front of us as Mistress P beats a direct path to the chosen store.
Woe betide the working man or woman who has the gall to turn up for an afternoon meeting with alcohol on the breath, even if it was from one quick half, even if it does help you through the pain barrier of an agonising, endless sales seminar.
But woe betide the people when they have the effrontery to take a stand on higher principles.
They may start as innocent little bits of plastic which can be left in a drawer at home, but they will soon become essential to allow us to go about our daily business and woe betide anyone who cannot produce one for inspection.
Well, I'm still scared, but woe betide if I dare admit it out loud.
I waited with beating heart, as yet not knowing what would betide
Woe betide he who would hurt our loved ones, isn't that the way we all feel?
Sister Madalena was headmistress and woe betide at Monday assembly if you hadn't been to Mass on Sunday.
His thin frame and weak legs prevented him from taking an active part in games of football, tennis or cricket, but he made an exacting umpire, and woe betide the player who questioned his decisions.
Woe betide the person who doesn't cut back their overhanging vegetation as it severely compromises the safety of tall pedestrians with hats who use a particular footpath to mass.