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beta / бета
имя существительное
имя существительное
the second letter of the Greek alphabet ( Β , β ), transliterated as ‘b.’.
But, just in right now, Tropical Storm Gamma, the third letter of the Greek alphabet, alpha, beta , gamma, delta, and so on and so on.
This time, the researchers shined their laser on solutions of glycine, an amino acid that can form three different crystal structures called alpha, beta , and gamma.
That smile. It shouts ‘hit me’ at every alpha male, and quite a few beta and zeta ones too.
I did encounter a few well-known limitations and bugs in the current beta , but I managed to get around them.
Once in the body, these unstable atoms release alpha, beta , and gamma radiation that damages dividing cells.
He also declined to say when the second Windows Vista beta would ship, although expectations are for very early in 2006.
In fact, however, Sun is still in beta with this CPU program and not set to launch a publicly available utility computing system for weeks.
beta blocker
beta carotene
The proteins move at different speeds; albumen fastest, then alpha 1, alpha 2, beta and then gamma.
their database system is currently in beta